Current Intelligence is a quarterly bulletin featuring concise analytical essays on local, regional and international affairs. Published since April 2010, CI has been been favorably sourced, cited, quoted or republished in The Atlantic, The Economist, Fast Company, Forbes, Foreign Policy, Mother Jones, openDemocracy, the Calcutta Telegraph, Wired, National Geographic, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and other media outlets.

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Current Intelligence is edited by Michael A. Innes, Eric Randolph, and Terry Pattar.

Editorial Advisory Board
Kenneth Anderson (American University)
Peter Chalk (RAND)
Faisal Devji (Oxford University)
Michael Dwyer (Hurst & Co. Publishers)
Stephen D.K. Ellis (Leiden University)
Vanda Felbab-Brown (Brookings Institution)
Anatol Lieven (King’s College, London)
Jon Western (Mount Holyoke College)

Publication Schedule (Beginning Summer 2013)
Winter Issue (Africa): February
Spring Issue (Asia): May
Summer Issue (Middle East): August
Fall Issue (Omnibus Edition): November

Submission Deadlines
Winter Issue: 15 November
Spring Issue: 15 February
Summer Issue: 15 May
Fall Issue: 15 August

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NOTE: Current Intelligence ceased publication in December 2013. We are no longer accepting subscriptions.


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